Jet Blue RUINS Family’s Birthday in Another AIRLINE SCREW UP

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  • I wonder what the holy hell is wrong with airlines. What on Earth is going on with airlines that at this point — just off the top of my head — we had a dead rabbit, a man violently beaten until he bleeds, flights delayed so stupidly it caused a freaking fist fight — and that’s in part on you you freakish airline goons — a family kicked off because they greedily wanted to give away the baby’s seat — ugh! Airlines! A few more of these and you’ll have to change what you’re doing because now people have kind of caught on to your game.

  • The latest offense is a video of a child crying over what seems to be a destroyed birthday cake — the video is tough to tell. On camera we can see the family getting rebooked because an airline is too abnormally stupid to tell people how to properly store a cake. Bless.

    Major airlines seem oblivious to how awful the experience of air travel has become. It’s already nerve-wracking, but now there is the added anxiety of being removed from the seat you paid for. This year, instead taking a flight, take Amtrak. There’s no TSA, plenty of legroom, and a bar car. And look — it has its fights too. But as far as I know,

    no one will beat up your birthday cake

    Amtrak: We Won’t Beat Up Your Cake!

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