Congressman Calls For TRUMP’S IMPEACHMENT

Let's hope the GOP listens to Houston Rep. Al Green.
By Alex Firer
  • Well look, someone has to do it! After Donald Trump admitted on Lester Holt’s MSNBC show that he fired Comey in order to purposefully obstruct justice in what is now his blindingly obvious connections to Russia, the nation went into chaos. Do we actually have a country now where the president openly commits crimes with no punishment!? Or a Republican party so offensively, revoltingly crooked they would take the country down if it means they get to sit in power for just another day. Luckily, at least one congressman has some guts — and that’s Al Green, the democratic congressman from Houston.

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  • The congressman proclaims that Trump is not above the law, and wether or not he is found guilty is up to the Senate — but he says this is possible, and it is possible to impeach a criminal as blindingly obvious as Trump in a Republican controlled house. He also proclaims the initials — ITN — impeach Trump now — to be a mantra that people should take.

  • What do you think? Will Congressman Green be heard or is the GOP going to allow Trump to keep committing crimes? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.