Disney Bringing Live Little Mermaid Musical to ABC

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  • Folks, you’ve seen her Under the Sea, you’ve seen her on Broadway, soon you’ll see her in a Sofia Coppolla film in one of those strange live action Disney adaptation — but you’ve never see Ariel, The Little Mermaid, quite this way — as a live action musical — sort of like the Grease or Rocky Horror Picture Show‘s of recent days — where we gather around our televisions to watch a live musical – and this is the first of its kind for a Disney musical.

    It’s also a first in quite another way too — this is the first time Disney is employing a new technique — the movie will be live performers singing with the original animated film as the backdrop — a hybrid between the animation and the Broadway element. Boy oh boy.

    Could a live Roger Rabbit be behind? I mean, I know they’re a strain on the animators’ wrists, but still.

    Of course, we forget the absolute best version of this beloved musical — the Disneyland version with a gigantic animatronic Ursula! Gaze! Gaze! Gaze!

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