Colbert Tears Apart Trump’s Latest GARBAGE Antics

And I gotta say, leaking classified information to the Russians just for fun is some garbage antics.
By Alex Firer
  • Folks, there are antics, and then there are garbage antics. And then there are deeply impeachable offenses made by a president who should have never been the president — including just yesterday when Trump revealed deeply classified information to visiting Russian ambassadors. If it any wonder why Representative Al Green called for Trump’s impeachment. Unfortunately, with an entertainer president, we can count on entertainers to walk forward sadly and say “I guess everything is still bad. We begged you not to vote for Trump, but you didn’t want to do that I guess”. So, lo and behold — Stephen Colbert walks out and continues to discuss the awful dumb things Trump has done.

    Colbert covers how Trump has revealed “code word information” to the Russians — i.e., information so top secret that you can’t refer to it by its name — just code word such as, as Stephen says — “the idiot is in the oval”. Then, Colbert goes into the Trump firing of Comey and the miserable farce that is watching Trump’s people try to explain away what Trump did only for the idiot president to just come out and blurt “Yeah, I did this thing! But I think it’s fine, right?”

    Colbert compares this to another 70’s throwback, albeit one with a familiar ending…

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