Teen Dies From Caffeine Overdose

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  • A tragic story, showing the dangers of any drug can be overwhelming to the system. We teach teens about the dangers of alcohol, drugs, even marijuana, but the dangers of caffeine are often untouched— even for adults This has tragic results— and the death of Souther Carolina teenager, sixteen year old David Cripse is such an example.

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  • The student took in no alcohol, no drugs, but partook in the high levels of caffeine intake often encouraged of teenagers. The caffeine in question consisted of a Diet Mountain Dew, a McDonald’s cafe latte and an energy drink. What’s scary, as Shira points out in our video above, this is an amount of caffeine that many of us have partaken in before. Often at work, in college, at school — and we ignore the obvious dangers of it. The student was completely healthy before the time of his death.

    Doctors often warn against partaking in energy drinks as the amount of caffeine in them is unregulated and can be extremely dangerous. Be careful with your diets — the rise of these kinds of drinks, and their high levels of sugar — are unbelievably unhealthy and as you can see, the results can be tragic.

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