Rudy Mancuso Co-Stars With Rudy Mancuso in Musical Barber Sketch

A deeply weird musical performance for the ages.
By Alex Firer
  • Rudy Mancuso was a regular of the Vine Scene, producing funny and weird vines with often a rotating cast of brilliant collaborators — and it’s nice to see that even though Vine has disappeared, he has not. Rudy Mancuso continues to produce videos for YouTube that showcase his sense of the inventive, and they’re quite lovely. His latest video is a treat as he showcases a sketch where he co-stars with HIMSELF as a singing barber and his put upon client.

    Watch the two stars of stage and screen Excited Rudy Mancuso and Annoyed Rudy Mancuso get into a war of the words on wether or not Annoyed Rudy should get a haircut, what happened to have Excited Barber Rudy destroy his marriage (over a bad haircut no less), and the sadness of having to pay too much money for one of these cuts.

    Sad. But joyful! It’s great to see the inventive and experimental style of Vines aren’t completely gone, and to see another barber musical in the long line of barber musicals– which includes the classic opera The Barber of Seville, and the much much superior to that opera, The Rabbit of Seville.

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