Man ANGERS Cute Otter, CHASED By Cute Otter

Damn! It looked so cute at first!
By Alex Firer
  • Some people really play with danger when they try to record a wild animal. I mean, they’re still wild creatures, no matter how cute or majestic they are! From the mighty bear to this thing — the cute little otter! Sure, they seem tiny and sweet — but make no mistake, they are ravenous beasts ready to chew off your limbs! This video, shot by a man in Scotland — proves as much.

    At first one Rory MacPherson is delighted to witness the furry little creature scurrying about — then the delight turns to horror as the beasts begins to first chew on his boot (cute?), bite at his ankle (uh oh!) and give chase to the poor soul (run! run! oh no! run!) as Rory makes his way to his truck and shuts the door only to find that — oh my God! The otter is still running after him.

    I mean, didn’t this guy see Zootopia! He knows how dangerous the otter can be! Spoiler alert, I guess!

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