Bobby Moynihan To Leave SNL

Drunk Uncle will be rambling his last ramble on the May 20th episode of SNL.
By Alex Firer
  • SNL is about to lose one of its greatest and more experienced performers as Bobby Moynihan has announced that he’s leaving SNL for the upcoming CBS Sitcom Me, Myself and I, and boy oh boy, we’re going to miss the guy. Moynihan was a UCB performer who was plucked from the theater in 2008 to become a part of the SNL cast after a brief stint on the Lorne Michaels produced and Seth Meyers directed web series The Line.

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  • Bobby Moynihan was best at playing frantic and obnoxious characters on SNL — from the Second Hand News Guy, to Niff, the constantly fired retail employee, to his beloved character, Drunk Uncle.

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  • He was also in my favorite SNL sketch of all time — where he plays straight man to the Rock, but what a straight man he plays. His goofy, but sad performances will be missed on the show, and I only hope we can see his sketch antics elsewhere soon.

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