Netflix Releases Trailer for MUTANT SUPER PIG Movie – Okja

By Alex Firer
Unlike most mutated super pigs -- this one will make you cry.
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  • Would you think a mutated super pig could pull at your heart so fully? I bet you haven’t, well my friends, then get ready for the trailer for the new film from Bong Joon Ho — the director of Snowpiercer and The Host, and amazingly written by Jon Ronson, the writer behind your favorite fringe theory books such as The Psychopath Test and So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed. And guys — a collaboration between these two writers has, unsurprisingly, created a movie trailer that is absolutely bananas.

    Witness this messed up weird ET film with ecological overtones and underpinnings. Gaze in awe at Okja — the mutant pig man as he tries to escape from the greatest villain the theater screen has ever seen — Tilda Swinton in a big white suit, and has the help of the greatest hero in human history — Paul Dano while he is dressed up as a hotel clerk. Glorious. The movie seems to have it all — eye bursting visuals, mutant pig men, an ecological message, mutated pig men, and best of all — mutated pig men.

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