Kimmel Parodies “I’m Just A Bill” with “I’m Just a Lie”

School House Rock WOULD be pretty messed up in this era.
By Alex Firer
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  • Jimmy Kimmel makes us wonder with the latest sketch on his late night show — what would School House Rock — that beautiful series of animated music videos aimed at children — be like if it was made under the Trump presidency? Maybe the same, maybe not — as the original was made under the shadow of Richard Nixon after all, but these times are so much more insidious — and so Jimmy Kimmel introduces an animated short known as — Only A Lie.

    Amazingly, Only A Lie is actually pretty helpful. It explores how the lies created by Trump and his weird ilk are meant to survive unto ad nauseam — (for example, as the bill helpfully points out — when its attempted to be debunked, it’s really just repeated). Truly, the most chilling of the now ubiquitous School House Rock parodies — the most so since The Simpsons originally asked “Who left all this garbage on the steps of congress.”

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