Jennifer Lawrence DOES NOT Apologize For Pole Dancing

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  • A man with a moving camera (or a phone, as we call it in the modern era), caught Jennifer Lawrence pole dancing in Australia, and grinding on guys, and the internet went agog. Agog in this case means rubbing your eyes with your fists and going “a celebrity!? Acting sexual!? Why, this I must see!” Jennifer Lawrence has said she won’t apologize for this — nor should she! Why do we insist on continuing to follow celebrities everywhere and reporting on the things they do!? It’s ridiculous! Can’t we allow these celebs to live in peace!?

    Anywho — JLaw posted on Facebook —

  • So that settles that! No more celebrity shaming! And JLaw, stop, you have great core strength. Okay. Settle down, me. No more celebrity shaming…

    Unless of course, we’re discussing that Jon Hamm bulge! Hatchi matchi Mr. Hamm— no, no. I promised myself. No more celebrity shaming! No more! I’m glad celebs are no longer ashamed of the wandering eyes of us normals! No more!

    But yeah, I dunno. What do you think of this entire thing? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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