Duck Tales Casts LIN MANUEL MIRANDA as Gizmo-Duck

This robot duck is the Alexander Hamilton of our era.
By Alex Firer
  • So far the Duck Tales cast has been incredibly impressive, promising us everything from Community alum, now newly ex-SNL stars, and Parks and Rec impresarios. What if was missing however, is one thing — brilliant rapper and Broadway writing creators whose work on the stage and screen is doubly and infinitely impressive. Folks. This show is really, really missing that — and now not any more! Lin Manuel Miranda has been added to the Duck Tales cast in the role he was born to play that isn’t Alexander Hamilton. Heck, he’s kind of the Alexander Hamilton of the Duck Tales Universe — we’re talking of course… about Gizmoduck.

    Gizmoduck! That loveable goof-em-up Robocop-but-a-duck hero who graces the Duck Tales universe with his grand an very electronic form! The star power for this Duck Tales reboot has been off the charts, but this is an exciting and honestly kind of weird new addition. Not too weird though — after all, Lin Manuel Miranda is currently creating quite a bit of work for Disney. Remember Moana? Remember the song Shiny? Oh heck yeah!

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