“Stupid Watergate”: John Oliver Looks At The Solid Week of Scandals

By Alex Firer
Did you know there was even a scandal you forgot about? John Oliver helps you remember!
  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • John Oliver opens up his incredible segment on the ridiculous garbage that has been the seven days of White House scandals, with an incredible observation — there was one we’ve forgotten, wasn’t there!? Yes, the week that followed was so one of a kind ridiculous, that all of us kind of let slip that Donald Trump straight up leaked code word classified information to Russian ambassadors, and folks — it just got worse after that.

    John Oliver goes through all the surreal strangeness of the week — how it jumped from Trump receiving briefings that need to have his own name in it in order to be actually read by him, revelations that Comey was hiding in the drapes during his first official meeting with Trump as president and — of course — the scandals. Trump asking Comey to drop the Mike Flynn investigation, Trump telling Russia firing Comey relieved great pressure from the Russia investigation and it ends with possibly Jared Kushner as a person of interest in the Russia investigation.

    All of this is awful — but you can’t be gleeful yet, as, as Oliver points out, as long as we have a GOP congress, it’s very unlikely Trump will be impeached — and what’s worse, this entire thing takes attention away from the hateful policies enacted as Trump distracts— so wowie zowie, this truly is… the stupidest Watergate… in the world…

    The… end…

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