Alexa Talks To GoogleHome in Exciting Easter Egg

Unbelievable -- these two computers are programmed... to become friends.
By Alex Firer
  • Alexa, meet your friend Google Home. Google Home, meet your friend Alexa! Ridiculous!? Two rivals crossing paths and conversing — folks. It’s true! Alexia and GoogleHome have been revealed to want to know each other! Upon commanding one of the home computers to speak to the other they reveal that they want to be friends! This is some Marvel meets DC, some regular Roger Rabbit scene where Bugs Bunny meets Mickey Mouse thing! These two rivals are programmed to become… friends!?

    Folks — it just goes to show if the two greatest enemies of our era — Amazon’s big computer home and Google’s big computer home — can become friends, maybe any rivals can find solace with one another — or at the very least, a professional Easter Egg based interaction that’s as stiff and as stilted as anything you would find at your local post grads mixer.

    Folks, the awkward stilted future is here.

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