Canadian PM Justin Trudeau PHOTOBOMBS Prom Photo

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  • Folks, can you imagine having a president as charming and fanciful as Justin Trudeau!? Why, it seems like it’s from another reality at this point — but if you live in Canada that’s just what you get, and what’s Justin Trudeau’s latest adorable stunt — why it’s hopping into a prom photo during a jogging route! Oh Justin Trudeau! Does your endless charm and Canadian leadership never take a break!?

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  • Folks — whose photos do you think Justin Trudeau will bomb next? Who will he jog by? Whose life will he delight like some kind of policy making floating hero? Look, Justin Trudeau, if you’re listening — I’m about to enter a pizza eating contest, and I need you to give a thumbs up next to me in a photo as my sauce covered mouth smiles with pride at eating this big old pizza, the only thing I will ever do that fills me with joy. Justin Trudeau, will you do it?! Please, Justin, please! This is my personal prom!

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