Brazilian Bride Has BRO BRIDESMAIDS!

By Alex Firer
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  • Rebeca Sinohara, a 24-year-old from Brazil, is going viral with her wedding preparation photos featuring a group of all-male bridesmaids. Rebeca was a computer engineering student, and didn’t make any close girlfriends. When it came time to take wedding prep photos, she decided to call on her group of guy friends. She said—

    “They are really great friends, and I had no doubt they would do this for me.

    And come through for her they did! The guys dressed up in pink silk robes, shaved their legs, and took plenty of adorable photos of them celebrating with the bride! Ah, what a delight! Such good friends, and such good bending of gender norms! Oh heck yea! The photos that were posted were adorable! We love ’em! What a good group of friends, and what a supremely delightful photo!

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