Melania Seen SWATTING AWAY Trump’s Hand

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  • An ongoing thread throughout the Trump administration’s long arduous saga is how much Melania Trump seems to dislike her husband and like — we don’t blame her, we truly hate the guy too. A video surfaced recently from Trump’s trip abroad where Trump reaches for Melania’s hand and she subtly swats it away.

    Melania’s distaste for her husband has never been something explicitly stated or discussed, it’s something read between the lines. There is of course the famed video that went around of Melania’s smile dying when Trump turns around during the inauguration…

  • And as Twitter user and current Sam Bee writer @Travon points out, this is not the first time that Melania Trump has openly expressed a lack of desire to hold Trump’s weird, famously awful, hand.

  • This is also combined with the fact that — at great expense to taxpayers from this so called conservative — Melania’s living in New York to be away from this guy is costing taxpayers ridiculous amounts of money. It’s a constant source of interest to people, as we always underestimate just how much Trump can be truly hated by those around him.

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