Good Dog JUMPS Into Russian News Broadcast

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  • Folks, if all obvious evidence is to be believed, dogs in Russia seem to run free! They go where they want, do what they want — not like frightened American dogs who scream when their butts are grabbed, but are bold weird warriors who saunter with a positive energy towards the desk, leap up on it, as if to proclaim “he folks, don’t mind me, just a dog. Happy to be here!”, and that’s exactly what happened in this adorable video from a Russian news desk. A news blooper of the highest order!

    The reporter at first doesn’t notice the dog running around under the desk, then she’s shocked by his bark! She asks someone to help her out, but people just watch! Finally the reporter pets the dog’s head and says that she’s more of a cat person. More of a cat person!? With such a cutie under hand!? Unimaginable!

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