Trump is Bad at Handshakes: Tajikistan Edition

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  • Folks, we’ve seen quite a fair share of messed up awful handshakes from our sitting baby man of a president — we’ve seen that awful one with the Japanese Prime Minister, we’ve seen that one where Trudeau avoids it for a half second, we’ve seen the one where he sits like a stupid petulant child and refuses to shake the hand of German PM Angela Merkel — and now we have people catching on to Trump’s game — his handshakes will be a weird power play — and so the president of Tajikistan, a stop on Trump’s tour of the Middle East, turned the tables on Trump by doing his weird bully pull in hug move on Trump.

    Weren’t expecting that, were you Trump! Boy oh boy, folks are catching on to your moves buddy! You have to make up a new insane handshake to weird everyone out with! Might I suggest looking them in the eye and saying “I’m sorry”? It’ll make everyone hella uncomfortable and thus be awesome!

    I wonder what country Trump will shake hands badly with next? What do you think will happen? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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