Ashley Tisdale and Lucas Grabeel Have HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL REUNION

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  • Guys… it’s been 11 whole years since High School Musical premiered on Disney Channel! When this film came out I was just a youngin’ in middle school and fell in love with Zac Efron alongside all of the tweens in America.

    If you are anything like me, I always get to wondering what my favorite actors/musicians from before are up to nowadays.

    High School Musical fans were in for a treat Tuesday when Ashley Tisdale posted a video to YouTube featuring Lucas Grabeel. That’s right! Our favorite siblings from the Disney Channel movie, Ryan and Sharpay Evans, teamed up for a mini HSM reunion.

    The duo got together to perform a new rendition of their song What I’ve Been Looking For and *shocker* admitted that they didn’t always get along on set!

    So, how did this mini reunion come about? According to Ashley, Lucas was the mastermind behind it all. After messing around with the original version of What I’ve Been Looking For, he sent it out to his fellow cast mates and here we are, rejoicing over this Ryan and Sharpay reunion we didn’t even know we needed.

    Side note: What do you think the HSM group chat is like? I’d kill to get a glimpse!

    Before their performance, Lucas and Ashley revealed that they didn’t exactly get off on the right foot. Ashley admits to initially acting a bit like Sharpay, a complete diva, but the two definitely grew to love each other throughout their High School Musical experience.

    Lucas isn’t the only HSM alum that Ashley has had on her channel, however. A video she posted with Vanessa Hudgens has over 20 million views!

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  • What did you think of Ashley and Lucas’ collab? She should definitely think about getting Zac Efron on her channel! Don’t forget to leave us a comment below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!

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