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  • Folks, people love porn. It’s been clear since the beginning of times when a caveman drew a hornier caveman having sex with another caveman and went “oh hells yeah bro, I love watching caveman pictures doing it”. And folks, people love the fidget spinner, ever since the first person to see the fidget spinner — some dude a few months ago went “hell yeah”, and with fidget spinners blowing up as of late, it’s not a ridiculous notion that people would look for people who try to combine the two — and lo and behold, according to PornHub, searches for Fidget Spinners on their porn watching interface is up a ridiculous 282%!

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  • According to this helpfully released chart, fidget spinner porn searches started around the tenth of May, and seem to have peaked on May 21st, which happens to be my birthday, which I knew because everyone was looking at fidget spinner porn videos.

    Once you actually search, you’ll find a few dirty videos in the batch, but for the most part it’s just videos of the spinners being goofy. A “bi fidget spinner threesome” shows three fidget spinners spinning into each other — and a lot of videos with titles such as Petite White Guy Spins Sexy Fidget Spinner — just show a dude’s hand spinning a fidget spinner.

    What do you think? Will you watch fidget spinner porn? Or search fidget spinner on PornHub? How about watching this video of Super Mario as a Fidget Spinner?

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