Colbert Has A Math Problem For Donald Trump

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  • Trump is bad at a lot of things — the act of holding someone’s hand and shaking it like a person for one, not potentially committing treason is another — he is quite bad at that, and another thing is of course — math. Math and telling the truth. Stephen Colbert, that beloved critic of Trump we all adore —brought up how his budget proposal has an error. A very big error. And I know what you’re thinking, oh errors are commonplace — well this error is to the tune of a ridiculous two trillion dollars.

    The two trillion dollars is reportedly due to trickle down from the wealthy’s tax cuts which is incredibly insane. Trickle down has been proven to be wrong — just a weird justification the rich use to have more money. Trickle down — just give it to us!

    So, as Colbert points out — Trump is either a liar or bad at math — although, I’ll jump in and say it— he’s very likely both. He’s probably bad at science too — oh heck, we know he is. He is just bad at things. Colbert ends the video with a math problem for our sitting weirdo of a president Donald Trump — if a train leaves Washington DC at 40 MPH– please get on it.

    Oh Stephen!

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