Shira Lazar Discusses YOUR Love Connections, LIVE!

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By Alex Firer
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  • Folks, we all remember some of our most meaningful Love Connections — first dates going rad instead of the usual thing (bad), looking into someone’s eyes and feeling cool instead of the usual thing (drool) — and sharing a special meal with a special someone. And my friends, Fox gets it — that’s why they’re bringing back the Love Connection, the classic game show where singles meet, go on dates and maybe even kiss on up, with Andy Cohen hosting, and it premieres tomorrow on Thursday at 8pm CT/ 9pm EST.

    We here at What’s Trending are hosting a special Livestream and Twitter chat with host Shira Lazar, with two of our favorite online couples — RJ Aguiar and Will Sheppard along with Rebecca Zamolo and Matt Slays as we discuss love, connections, and that fabled combination of both, The Love Connection! And we want you to give us your thoughts!

    You can join and participate in our chat, and share your love stories, too! We want to hear it all- from awkward and amazing first dates to that moment you knew it was love. Just Tweet your stories using #LoveConnection LIVE and we will feature you, and talk about your glorious connections!

    Can’t wait to see you guys there! You can comment on this, or Tweet at us at @WhatsTrending.

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