ROBOT COP Unveiled in Dubai

"Hello, my name is Beep Boop", I imagine the robot might have said.
By Alex Firer
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  • It’s odd how much of the future was accurately predicted from 80’s movies. We have the hover board (sort of) and now we have beloved star of the film Robocop — a robot cop — at least in Dubai that is! The robot — known as the Reem robot — has been introduced today in Dubai, and is projected to — by 2030 — make up 25% of the police force without replacing any humans (sure, that’s what the robots always say…).

    The robotic aspect of this robotic cop man that appeals the most to those putting him out there is the robot’s ability to be available 24/7. The robot is multilingual and can have crimes reported to him. No word yet on wether or not he is actor Peter Weller, rescued from an accident, trying to keep the city of New Detroit safe, but they’re pretty great, still!

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