German Metal Festival Installs a BEER PIPELINE

One beer sink, please!
By Alex Firer
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  • Organizers for Wacken, an open-air heavy metal festival in Germany are installing an underground, 4-mile long pipeline for beer. The beer pipeline is being laid to eliminate the need for delivery trucks and no more carting beer barrels through the mud. The pipeline means less fossil fuel use and less physical impact on the environment. That’s right, this beer pipeline might be the only pipeline to actually help the environment! Oh beer, you glorious thing you! I knew you would never disappoint us!

  • The pipe is buried deep beneath the ground in order to keep the beer properly cold, and the pipeline will reportedly be able to pump six beers in six seconds. Madness. Tasty, beer flavored madness.

    What else would you want piped through? What can those delicious pipes bring to us, I wonder? I guess beer is the funniest one, but come on, is there not anything else delightful out there? Such as extra beer? I would love some extra beer please! Thank you for the extra beer!

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