Instant Karma For Pedestrian

His coconut went bonk!
By Alex Firer
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  • As far as I’m concerned, a great instant karma needs a few things — one — the crime getting karma’d needs to be relatively cute, I don’t wanna see no violence! The other one, instant karma is best when it’s the offenders own fault — this is instant karma, not instant justice — and three — someone’s coconut gotta go bonk! And friends, in this video, someone’s coconut go bonk! it go bonk big big!

    Witness as a pedestrian gets kind of angry at a car, shaking his fist at the injustice of the fact that cars can hit pedestrians but pedestrians can’t hit cars because their fists are not as hard as cars. Then. My friends. The pedestrian walks on. He doesn’t look where he’s going, and folks — his big coconut go bonk bonk big big and good good. Coconut go bonk, nice and driver go laugh laugh. When driver go laugh laugh? My friends — instant karma bonk video goes good good.

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