Ariana Grande Returns to Manchester to Play Benefit Concert

She had a stirring message for her fans and those still reeling from this week's tragedy.
By Alex Firer
  • We’re still reeling from the senseless terrorist attack that happened at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England earlier this week — and people are still finding ways they can help those hurt by the attack. Ariana Grande has taken a big step towards help with the promise that she will return to do a benefit concert to help families and those hurt by the terrorist attack.

    The singer released a statement on her Twitter feed, stating, in part—

    “The only thing we can do now is choose how we let this affect us and how we live our lives from here on out.”

    —and states that her concerts have always been meant to be safe spaces for her fans, and she believes they can continue to be that again. Ariana Grande then noted the uniting force of music saying —

    “Music is something that everyone on Earth can share. Music is meant to heal us, to bring us together, to make us happy. So that is what it will continue to do for us. We will continue in honor of the ones we lost, their loved ones, my fans, and all affected by this tragedy. They will be on my mind and in my heart everyday and I will think of them with everything I do for the rest of my life”


    It’s beautiful, and many of her fans agreed—

  • Additionally, Ariana Grande tweeted out a link to be able to donate money those hurt by the attack — and hopefully this, bolstered by her fame, will do a lot of good.

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