WT Sketch: Shades Emoji Sad About Being Cut From The Emoji Movie

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  • Folks, stardom can be a cruel and unforgiving mistress— one moment you’re the emoji who wears sunglasses, the next you’re nobody, nothing, not even good enough to have your sunglasses emoji included in the film based around the very facial expressions for which you are famed — The Emoji Movie. This is the fate of this particular individual, which we shall only call the shades emoji.

    Watch Shades Emoji as he attempts to reconnect to his star studded roots, that are now so faded as he claims to be okay with the new upstart emoji — such as poop or Bowie Woman or floating Blues Brothers Guy, but his sad stares out the window reveal more than the poor jaundiced smiling cool guy could ever reveal knowingly.

    Oh sigh.

    This is another sketch from Adam Bozarth, part of the team that brought you Elmo Gets Fired, showing when it comes to noseless characters experiencing deep personal strife, Adam has the market cornered.

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