Cute Little Bunny CAUGHT SMOKING

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  • Look, he knows it’s a bad habit, but when you have as many kids as this rabbit does, why wouldn’t you take up smoking? You just need it to soothe your nerves! Yes, friends, a rabbit smoking — a photo that sent the internet into fits of delight because guys — this animal just should not be doing that! And the internet, as it is want to do — had its own little bits and pieces to add.

  • The cigarette is of course, unlit, and rabbits do not have any knowledge of how smoking works. But you know what else they don’t have knowledge of? Why, no knowledge of the very dangers of smoking, the poor fool! Were someone — a polite fox or a pigeon who doesn’t mine being generous with his lighter — to light up this poor hare’s smoking accoutrement — why it could lead to a habit that could span the greater rabbit related cosmos!

    And of course we need not go into this poor soul’s vast collection of bad influence! Look at all those cool Looney Tunes smoking! Their leader is a rabbit! What’s a poor little bunny to think??

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  • What do you think of the video? With the bunny quit his bad hare-bit? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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