Justin Bieber Unleashes His Inner Cowboy

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  • Can we please talk about Justin Bieber for a second?

    I’ve had a bone to pick with homeboy ever since video surfaced of him singing “blah, blah, burrito” in place of the correct Despacito lyrics. Anyways, that’s not why we are here today. It looks like Justin might be moving past his Latino phase and into… country?!

    Honestly, I’m okay with it. Country fans can have him.

    While in NYC, Justin was seen strutting around in quite the outfit. The pop singer was photographed wearing a cowboy hat paired with a mustard-yellow jacket, adidas shorts over leggings (featuring his name down the side), and a pair of sneakers.

    I really want to know what came over Justin as he got ready that morning… that cowboy hat with that jacket? What a mess.

    It is said that the pop-singer was headed into meeting, which raises even more questions in regards to his get up. I guess when you’re as rich and famous as this kid you can go anywhere looking however you’d like.

    Bieber may not be my favorite person at the moment, but he sure is gaining back some brownie points. He will be joining the star-studded line-up for a benefit concert in Manchester this weekend honoring the victims of last week’s terror attack.

    Let’s all hope that he comes dressed A LOT more appropriately to this event.

    What do you think of Bieber’s NYC cowboy look? Let us know in the comments or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!

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