Underground Chinese Factory Caught Making Fake Budweiser

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  • The bootleg community is huge in Chinese cities with counterfeit bags, music and movies being popular buys. The latest bootleg company in China is a bit of a shock though with their focus being beer. Gross, right? I mean, a Michael Kors bag is one thing but the idea of bootleg Budweiser makes my stomach turn.

    A video circulating the internet shows the process an underground factory in Dongguan does to make their fake Budweiser. Officials looked into the video and discovered that the underground factory was able to produce around 600,000 fake cans a month. Hard to imagine Budweiser tasting any worse than it already does, but my guess is that bootleg Budweiser would be just that. Aside from the suspected bad taste, the video has people talking about just how unsanitary fake beer is.

    While the idea of fake beer is disturbing to many, some took this as an opportunity to make fun of Budweiser itself.

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  • What do you guys think? Is this taking the bootleg business too far? Do you trust counterfeit beer? I think I’ll pass, I don’t have much trust in fake brews.

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