PORNHUB Releases Most Misspelt Search Terms By State

Porm!? PORM!?
By Alex Firer
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  • Porm!? Porm!?!?!? Come on America, get it together! PornHub just released their map of the most misspelt porn search terms in America, and folks … PORM!? Sorry, sorry. It’s just — a lot of you are spelling porn with an m, including right here in California where this blog post is written. Although we are a LOT better off than that little block of states that can’t spell hentai — aka, the animated pornography drawn in an anime’ style — correctly. Washington! Come on! A conversation about how you’re even watching hentai this much is weird enough — but you have to watch so much of it you spell it wrong too!?!?! Come on you terrible goons! Ugh!

    I mean, it could be worse — it could have been the words fidget spinner misspelt unto eternity throughout an entire country. Makes me sick, I tells yah! Jay kay, keep misspelling milf somehow Nevada, you porn loving weirdos! (Also, Nevada — milf porn just seems so normal for you guys… Nevada!).

    Here’s what Twitter had to say!

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