Dog Squatting — The Dog Lifting Trend Taking America By Storm

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  • So you need a new exercise trend to keep you in shape but you think the weights you have don’t love you and lick your face enough!? Well, my friend, you just simply MUST try Dog Squatting. What is dog squatting — or #SquatYourDog, as the kids these days (2017) say it? Dog Squatting burst onto the Instagram scene as people posted photos and videos of themselves doing squats with their beloved pups — using their adorable pups as big old weights. It was very sweet, very cute, and very lovely.

    Look at those arms bend under the power of those prodigious pugs, poodles and other species of dogs we too could name that begin with P, but buddy, time is tight, and we got stuff to do (like lift more dogs!). Glorious, folks. Just glorious. Some day maybe the dogs will squat us? Friend, today is just very simply not that day.

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