High School Graduates are Tossing Tsunamis of Paper

Last day of... paper!!!
By Alex Firer
  • Seniors at an Arizona high school have created the paper dropping trend with a video showing them flinging a torrent of paper down a staircase. They call it the paper toss, and it involves flinging all of your paper at once down the stairs in a glorious show of paper chucking freedom! Ah, summer vacation. How I miss it so. If I threw a ton of paper down any amount of stairs here, next thing that’s going to be flung out would be good old Alex! (That’s my name!).

    Anyway, a paper like torrent of videos has since came out with people chucking their own papers. Naught but papers, papers for all! Gaze upon them! Papers, papers, papers! The only class I want to go to? The class where we throw a ton of papers! What’ll I do over the summer? Paper throws, baby!

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