Let’s Talk About the SEX TOWER

Have you heard of the Sex Tower?
By Alex Firer
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  • Folks, why not gather round as I tell you the story about the Sex Tower. Ah yes, the Sex Tower. We used to be a small normal town, but then the SEX TOWER came to town! And folks — our little town was never the same. What is the story of the Sex Tower?

    You see, when the water tower painter in Sussex County quit halfway through, the town embraced it and adores having the world of the Sex Tower within its glorious universe. What do you think the Sex Tower is filled with? Some say water. SOME say sex! Who are you going to believe, for in the world of the sex tower all is topsy turvy, all is madness — liquid is confusion, and Sussex County has got to finish paying this dude. Finish painting the sign, sign painted! Come on, folks!

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