Simone Giertz Created a Wearable Mattress So She Can Nap Whenever She Wants

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  • There’s inventiveness, then there is bananas hyper weirdo inventiveness, my friend. Swedish YouTuber Simone Giertz, maybe best known for her “bad robot” videos, gets it — sometimes you just want to take a gigantic nap, but there are no beds around that would be appropriate to sleep in. But you’ve got to nap! Thus, Simone Giertz invented — a wearable her sized mattress! The human shaped mattress attaches to Simone’s back with a variety of tape, and complements nicely with her cape. Simone puts on the foam back and roams around Sweden looking for a fine napping place.

    With the cape and the jump suit, Simone resembles an odd superhero from some kind of post modern dimension. She tries to take a little nap at the top of a pile of rocks, but folks, it doesn’t take. She remember eating a slug when she was a little kid— but folks, that is not the act of sleeping somewhere random. Finally Simone walks into a random room, plops down, and covers herself in the blanket. Folks! The wearable mattress works— and if it doesn’t work, it’s at least ridiculously fun.

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