Calm Lawnmower Man Keeps Cool During Holy Heck A Tornado Oh Wow

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  • Once in a while you hear about someone keeping a cool ahead amidst the chaos. Someone who is able to look at the world around him and no matte5 how chaotic it is, raise his chin and declare that the world is— oh wow, that guy’s just going to go ahead and mow his lawn in the middle of a hurricane, huh?

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  • These days the times are fairly chaotic. When we hear the latest news to come out of Washington, the latest fear and chaos to surround us, wether its the latest news to come out of the Paris Accords, we can only stop and declare that a cool head will wow wow wow that guy is 100% mowing his lawn during a hurricane.

    The man’s name is Theunis Wessels from Alberta, Canada, and when asked about being photobombed by a hurricane he claimed he quote—

    “…was keeping an eye on it”

    Folks. Nice.

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