Bowie’s Final Released Song Might Be In The Spongebob Musical

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  • David Bowie’s final song might be— in the Spongebob musical!? Say wha—

    Folks, no matter how hard artists try they don’t always have control over their final products, although Bowie has done so masterfully — his album, Blackstar, released a few days before his death was about saying goodbye to his life in a beautiful and gorgeous manner that capped a unparalleled and cosmic career. This was soon followed by the E.P. No Plan where Bowie sang about being literally dead. We thought it was the last of Bowie’s output— until now. When the Spongebob Musical, coming to Broadway in June revealed they would have a new song by David Bowie.

    That’s right, what may very well be David Bowie’s final newly released song may be a part of the Spongebob Musical.

    And if so, the song would be in excellent company however! Other musicians for the Spongebob Musical include The Flaming Lips, T.I., John Legend, Sara Bareilles and apparently directed by Steppenwolf member Tim Landau. So yeah, folks. This is some ridiculous talent for what is essentially a twenty year old cartoon where a little yellow nerd can’t stop annoying a squid.

    This is Bowie’s second involvement with the Spongebob universe (the Expanded Spongebob Universe— hmmm) when he played Poseidon — a mutant Yellow Submarine version of the king of Atlantis (his Lord Royal Highness) — in the special episode Atlantis Squarepantis. You can watch the clip here.

  • What do you think of this upcoming Spongebob Musical with the kind of song writing line up that would make Coachella proud? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at

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