RATTLESNAKE FOUND in TOILET Sure to Give You Poopmares

By Alex Firer
What if he bites your butt!
  • I heard of pee found in a toilet, but a rattlesnake!? Say whaa—

    Folks, let me tell you my biggest fear. Having my butt bitten while I’m on the toilet — a fear, my friends, that is not unfounded! Animals crawl through the pipes all the time — those sewer living creatures! But usually it’s just extremely horrifying creatures such as rats, not mind blowingly, holy hell, what dimension are we living in horrifying such as the rattle snake. With a rattle snake’s bite your butt doesn’t just go “owie” it goes “Bowie, I am joining you in heaven because I am dead”.

    The snake was uploaded to YouTube with the caption “Last night my girlfriend woke me up screaming because there was a snake in the toilet, thought she kidding.”. Folks. There is no better prank than waking up your boyfriend to tell him there’s a snake in the toilet. But folks. This just ISN’T WHAT THIS WAS!

    Snake. Get da heck outta here! Snake! Get outta here…

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