Sesame Street Parodies Releases Orange is the New Black Parody

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  • Just in time for the new season of Orange is the New Black, Sesame Street Parodies released an OITNB parody and it is hilarious. The episode starts with a poke at the show’s home network, Netflix or in this case Snackfix. Cut to the opening credits with a spoof of the Regina Spektor theme song, “You’ve Got Time.”

  • Orange is the New Snack follows the lives of students at Lichfield Academy, with a few recognizable characters being Piper Snackman (she’s like the Pieper from TV), Googly Eyes (look out Crazy Eyes, here comes a better pair of eyes!) and Red, the snack lady, who serves cookies and needs none of Prarie Dawn’s delicious healthy oranges (the real Red would never serve cookies! Unless she had to a back end shady deal… boy oh boy. Makes you think? If Red was on Sesame Street.) Each character is spot on to those of OITNB, and their accents are down to a (OI)T(NB).

    I normally am not a fan of parody videos but this had me laughing all the way through. OITNB is a heavy show (I love it) but seeing it in a humorous light and something kind of making fun of it’s darkness was great. Now I’m ready for the new season!

    What did you guys think of the parody? Did it get you excited for season 5? Let us know in the comments or @whatstrending on Twitter!

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