Seinfeld’s Response to His Non-Hug With Kesha is Classic Seinfeld

What's the deal with not hugging Kesha? It's not a Kesh! And it's not an a! But you don't want to hug her! What's the deal!
By Alex Firer
  • Wait, before we go into this entry, I believe it needs the proper soundtrack — here we go—

  • So, we all know about the non hug heard round the world — when Kesha (or Ke$ha as she was once known in a better economic landscape) tried to hug Jerry Seinfeld when he was all like — Kesha! What’s the deal with hugs! Hugs ain’t for me! Jerry!” Oh look, my Seinfeld style write up ain’t going to do justice to the real Seinfeld style explanation he had for not hugging Kesha —

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  • It’s true! What’s the deal with strangers establishing personal relationships with celebrities because they’ve seen them from the other side of the screen!? What’s the deal with people demanding a celebrity in his sixties be the person we want him to be and recognize the pop stars our teens love!? The bit ends with Seinfeld hugging his journalist friend showing — my friend, my foolish friend, he is a hugger.

    Oh you thankless hordes! How dare you demand— sorry, let’s play the theme again—

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  • Oh you thankless hordes! How dare you demand such things from your celebrity idols! What owes you the screaming masses! What owes you the shadows of Seinfeld lost past trapped in the shell of a Seinfeld long present. What hordes! Such masses hungry to touch the Gods! He need not embrace your form — for what is your meager fame to the mountain of legend that is the guy who came in third in the “The Contest”. Respect thy legends friends, respect thy legends!


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