Taylor Swift Uses Spotify To Spite Katy Perry

Never shake it off!
By Alex Firer
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  • Folks, Stan Lee used to say that when superheroes fight the winner is always us, the reader — and in the fight between our two pop superheroes — Katy Perry and Taylor Swift — the winner is also anyone with a Spotify account. This feud between K Perr and T Swift (new nicknames? Do you like them? Extremely now? Okay) has been boiling for a while. As was the one between Taylor Swift and Spotify. Taylor Swift has been keeping her music from Spotify for financial reasons — the idea that the value of the music should not be depleted. But the Shake It Off singer shook it off in order to quietly get a mean girl act back at Perry. You see, Perry’s new album — Witness, comes out today as well and now it’ll be overshadowed by Taylor Swift’s feud with a music streaming company best known for streaming its music for— basically less money than the artists would make if they just sold it, in most cases.

    Taylor Swift got Katy Perry, we guess, but at what cost!?!? At the cost of integrity?! At the cost of sullying her message to Spotify!? About how artists shouldn’t be forced to just give away their music for pennies? Maybe.

    But ooo baby! Nothing like spiteful acts!

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