Babadook Recognized As Unlikely Gay Icon

By Alex Firer
Folks, are YOU Babashook!?!
  • Gay icons in pop culture have often been recognized mainly by the fans when it wasn’t written explicitly that they’re gay. Timon and Pumbaa, Elsa from Disney’s Frozen — and now they’re joined by the new pop culture queer icon — The Babadook. Yes, The Babadook — the storybook creature from Jennifer Kent’s iconic horror film who possesses children — is now a gay icon? But how!? Why!? And how did such a thing come to be?

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  • Well, according to Buzzfeed, this fun all started when someone discovered The Babadook in the LGBT section of Netflix’s categories — leading the internet to take on its brilliant dadaist tendencies and bring a mixture of both weirdness and real pride to the concept of the Babadook’s queer sexuality.

  • The explanations for it have been since connected by fans in a very academic literary manner. You see, much like so many gay icons in the past, The Babadook is a lonely man, kicked out by society, looking for connection — and failing to find it in this heteronormative family tinged with tragedy. Although, that’s just for the egg heads up there in Big Book School — us here in Little Book School — my friends. We’re just in it for the memes.

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