John Oliver, Space Lord Buckethead, Explain the “BREXIT CRUMPETF***”

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  • Every week John Oliver seems to do the impossible — while Jon Stewart brought comedy to the headlines of the day, John Oliver brings it to the issue and articles at hand — diving deep into the issues because, damn it, if some of us are going to get our key source of news from comedy programs, it’s only fair that we know what we’re talking about, okay? We wouldn’t want to be bested by a guy who read [choke] book! John Oliver however did a rare sequel. He’s done them before, twice discussing Net Neutrality — and today, after Britain’s miraculous election — he goes back to explain Brexit, and how exactly it’s going to play out.

    But first he covers the election in England — how Theresa May wanted to head into Brexit talks with the illusion that she has a mandate — vis a vis a snap election. Theresa May is a hard right Brexit supporter, her opponent — James Corbyn — a hard left Labour Party leader. And guys — Corbyn won! Hooray! But England still voted to leave the European Union! Boo! So will we do a hard Brexit or a soft Brexit? Many decisions to make and consider. But Oliver focuses on one thing — that somehow the wisest voice in the room is a man named “Lord Buckethead”, a joke candidate who dined and met with everyone else who ran while draped in the vestiges of his space overlord character.

    And Oliver actually got Lord Buckethead to come to his New York studio. Oliver. This is wonderful. Buckethead for Prime Minister!

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