Melania and Barron Trump Moving Into White House

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  • Changes are coming to the White House, following the very controversial living arrangement between Donald Trump, his wife, and his youngest son Barron. For the longest time Melania Trump and Barron Trump has been living together in Trump Tower in New York City — an arrangement which cost the tax payers of New York City dearly in taxes as the city spent an exorbitant amount of money making sure the area is protected. Just how much? Almost twenty million. Twenty. Million. Dollars. From the party that’s supposed to be about small government that’s quite some money.

    Additionally, many wondered if the split was due to hatred of Donald Trump by his wife — as evidenced by the internet in countless gifs of her smile disappearing and her slapping his hand away.

    However now, Melania and Barron are moving into the White House, and Melania celebrated the moment with a photos of candles outside her window on Twitter. Barron Trump, of course, had his scene stealing shirt that the internet additionally adored.

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