Snoop Dogg Narrates LIZARD/SNAKE ATTACK on Kimmel

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  • Look, we like animals, but sometimes maybe that dry National Geographic/Planet Earth voice just doesn’t do it for us! If we’re going to watch two penguins fighting we need an intense glorious voice to narrate it. We need the voice of one — Snoop Dogg! At Kimmel delivered just that to us.

    Witness as the beloved rapper and legendary personality Snoop Dogg lays it down — not just doggy style, but lizard style, snake style and generally animal style. Snoop Dogg is like you! He has no indifference when he witnesses a bunch of animals duking it out! He’s shocked — SHOCKED — to see snakes getting entangled, fighting lizards, and is delighted to watch lizards running through a bunch of entangled snakes. Snakes and Snoop Dogg. International treasures both.

    Kimmel’s show is a show that uses its celebrities quite well, and this is another example of Snoop Dogg going from venerated rapper to beloved persona who will ease into our cultural DNA and someday have a statue of him erected in some kind of city square as the poetry students of the year 2060 study the lyrics to Gin and Juice.

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