Here comes T-Rex Mario!
By Alex Firer
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  • During the last slew of video game trailers, fans were very taken with the one for Nintendo’s latest Mario game, Super Mario Odyssey, which shocked fans by showing Mario the one place he never went to successfully — the real world! Fans were blown away by New Donk City, and we covered it here, but the latest trailer for Mario Odyssey somehow makes the game look even crazier than New Donk City could have, with its entrance A new and beloved Mario character — gigantic photorealistic T-Rex wearing a sentient Mario hat!

  • Oh hell yeah! While other Mario games focused on somehow redefining what a platformer can accomplish, this one seems to redefine itself vis a vis just pure inventiveness. Watch Mario become his enemies, watch him travel into new environments with realistic tones — or in some cases, as Mario runs beneath the moonlight — just poetic. This is truly a Mario game that will be remembered.

    Additionally Nintendo released trailers for new Yoshi games, Kirby games, announced a Nintendo Switch Poke’mon RPG, and most tantalizingly of all, revealed they are working on Metroid Prime 4 — a new game in their beloved Metroid trilogy.

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