Jake Paul’s New Rap Video “It’s Everyday Bro” Sure is Something

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  • Folks — I know you’re fans of rap. Like any real rap fans you know ALL the lyrics to Rodney Dangerfield’s Rappin’ Rodney, or Jay-Z’s Bugs Bunny voiced song Buggin’. And I know you’re fans of Jake Paul — or I assume so. He is a very popular internet star and he’s been releasing rap videos which have garnered a bananas reaction from all over the internet.

  • Bananas maybe because the video is— dare we say — not very good! Have you watched this insane thing? What the heck is “The Disney Channel flow”? Buddy, I only got one Disney Channel flow, and that’s a little duck named Donald in his little boat named Donald’s boat. And what about that rapper, Nick Crompton who says “England is my city”. Buddy, England’s a country. Folks. I can’t do my research papers off your raps if they’re so mistaken! Boy oh boy!

    This is Jake Paul’s first music video — the second is “I Love You Bro”, a video meant to squash the probably fake feud meant to get views. Buddy, there’s only one squash for me, and that’s a little squash named soup. Sorry Jake! You’re not gonna beat soup!

    Still, if this is terrible on purpose, we got to hand it to the brothers. They found fame and infamy by getting people talking! Good job folks!

    What do you think of the video, let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending”.

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