Trolls Trick Alt Right Into Defending Statue

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  • Trolling. It has made a name for itself as the tool of bullies, creep and jerks — but it can be an art. An art in the name of justice. True, it’s been a rough few years for the name of trolling, but this — well, it’s just delightful. Recently controversy has stirred around states removing their statues of famous confederates — you know, because they supported slavery. A very good reason to take down a statue for most normal people. Not these guys in the alt right though — they would protest these things out of some kind of gross alt right pride. And thus — they were very easily manipulated. A Facebook group called ‘Texas Antifa” posted that a Texan statue of Sam Houston was to be taken down. What’s more — Sam actually opposed Texas joining the Confederacy, so it’s double trolling! Here’s a video of the protesters kind of protesting nothing. Oops!

  • What a world you guys. Where this kind of anger is so misguided it takes nothing to whip a bunch of hateful weirdos into a misguided pride. Fake news folks! It got you all to protest nothing and defend a guy you probably don’t agree with! Oops!

    Anonymous has since claimed responsibility for this so– good work guys.

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