Preschool Crushes Reunite Over Hair-Do Mishap

Twitter... reuniting preschool friends one viral tweet at a time!
By Alejandra Moedano
  • Never underestimate the power of Twitter!

    User Hanna De Castro (@urchicahanna) recently posted a throwback photo to her profile and got a response she never expected.

    Hannah initially tweeted the following photo sharing a hair-do mishap from her dancing days:

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  • Oh, moms. You gotta love them!

    Twitter users were loving the half-up, half-down miscommunication so much that it got the attention of many, but there was one Twitter user that stood out among the rest.

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  • Turns out Hanna had a huge crush on David (@wavybing) when they were in preschool!

    This is exactly why I love Twitter… reuniting childhood crushes one viral tweet at a time.

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  • A lot of users were loving this mini-reunion, but others were confused as to how the two remembered their preschool days.

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  • Look… you NEVER forget your childhood crushes, okay?! It just doesn’t happen.

    What do you think of this cute reunion? What if Hanna and David end up getting married? I mean, it’s a stretch, but we can dream. Leave a comment down below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!